Never stop learning and growing! The opportunities are endless with the Business Basics, Scars, Acne, Stretchmarks, Radiation Marker Bundle! 

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You will learn from a combination of presentations and real life videos to treat surgical scars, skin grafts, burns, self-harm scars, acne, stretch marks, radiation markers and more. 

After purchasing, you will receive UNLIMITED ACCESS to all course material.

The Paramedical Tattoo Academy Business Basics course is the shortest of all courses and can be completed over 1-3 hours depending on your learning style. This course includes approximately:

• 8 minutes of video 

• 89 slides 

• 23 quiz questions 

The Paramedical Tattoo Academy Scar Camouflage course is the longest of all courses and can be completed over 5-10 hours depending on your learning style. This course is extremely in-depth and is recommended to be tackled in chunks over a few days to help digest each piece of information covered. The course is segmented into an introduction to all types of scars, how to colour match, and how to actually treat scars including video cases of surgical scars, burns, skin grafts, and self harm scars. Includes detailed video cases where before and afters are illustrated with procedure notes. Learn details from machine speed to needle depth. This course includes approximately:

• 2 hours of video

• 98 slides 

• 40 quiz questions 

The Paramedical Tattoo Academy Acne, Stretchmarks, and Radiation Market Camouflage course is a mid-length course that can be 2-4 hours depending on your learning style. This course includes approximately:

• 30 minutes of video

• 57 slides 

• 41 quiz questions 

Overall you can expect 40, 200+ unique slides, and 75+ quiz questions to earn your certification. For most people, this will take anywhere for 8-16 uninterrupted hours to complete! Watch, read, re-watch and re-read to make the most of your learning experience!

Hi, I'm Jody Stoski.

I'm excited you're here!

I started tattooing over 12 years ago when there was very limited knowledge about medical tattooing, which forced me to learn on a case-by-case basis. Through the mainstream cosmetic tattoo industry, I was lucky to connect with esteemed doctors who invited me to apprentice where I could apply my skills to their medical cases. I perfected my brow stroke technique for alopecia patients, 3D areola tattoo for breast cancer survivors, and learned scar camouflage. I experienced first hand how fulfilling it was to play a role in a medical client’s healing and recovery. I was grateful to become part of a supportive and genuine community that includes people of all ages who have suffered various traumas.

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